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The Monarch & Pollinator Regional Advisory Committee (MRAC), chaired by the Ventura County RCD, is a regional working group that meets to discuss the current state of Monarch overwintering and general habitat in Ventura & Santa Barbara County while also seeking unique ways of increasing the capacity and funding for sustainable long-term management.

The goal of MRAC is to restore enough habitat throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura County that it reduces the flying distances Monarchs and pollinators must cover for food foraging, nest building, and finding mates. Project restoration sites are strategically chosen based on historical knowledge of Monarch gatherings and geographic location, resulting in abundant sources of habitat when traveling through our area.

MRAC has 3 primary Goals:


-Goal 1: Collaboratively prioritize & increase Monarch & Pollinator habitat across Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties


-Goal 2: Strengthen Regional Coordination & Outreach the Monarch and Pollinator Overwintering Regional Advisory Committee (MRAC)


-Goal 3: Identify Data Gaps and Exisitng Resources Regionally. 

Although MRAC has just formed in October 2020, Ventura RCD, MRAC Chair, has three current restoration sites for Overwintering Monarchs.


Click below to see the current restoration, which is also the first few sites the Group is targeting.

Current Restorations
Below are just some of the MRAC Participating Members

Monarch & Pollinator Regional Advisory Committee (MRAC)

Past & Upcoming MRAC Meeting Information

Location of past meeting information:






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Webpage contains meeting schedule for 2021.

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