Contact: Andy Spyrka 
Resource Conservation Specialist

Public Workshops:


We will be hosting a workshop at each of our project sites that anyone can attend! Our sites are located in Oxnard, Carpinteria Creek and Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara.The workshops will be hosted by VCRCD and cover a vast array of educational information relating to Monarch and pollinator habitat needs. Sign up to below to get involved and learn more!

Know of any Restoration Locations? 

Let us Know!

Monarch Regional Advisory Committee:


The Monarch & Pollinator Regional Advisory Committee (MRAC), chaired by the Ventura County RCD, is a regional working group that meets to discuss the current state of Monarch overwintering and general habitat in Ventura & Santa Barbara County while also seeking unique ways of increasing the capacity and funding for sustainable long-term management


Monarch Overwintering Restoration and Conservation Project

What's the Ventura RCD Doing?

The Ventura County RCD, in partnership with the State Wildlife Conservation Board, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the California Association of RCDs, is enhancing overwintering habitat for Monarchs and other pollinators in Ventura County through environmental restoration that primarily focuses on Monarch overwintering and roosting site conditions through vegetation removal and replacement, habitat protection, and long-term management and monitoring.


The Project will provide additional food sources in the form of nectar, pollen, and host plants; while also offering shelter and safe habitat from pesticides. This Project will substantially increase and expand habitat in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. 

Sign-up to be a Monarch Volutneer! 


Are you interested in becoming a VCRCD Eco Warrior?! Do you have what it takes to help save the critically low population of Monarch Butterflies? Well, this is the right place to start! Ventura County RCD has a variety of Monarch and pollinator restoration programs, we'd love to get YOUR helping hands to restore the habitat. All experience levels are welcomed. Make a difference in YOUR community NOW! 

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