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Assisting rural and urban communities to conserve, protect and restore natural resources.


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Phone: 805-764-5130

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VCRCD is Your Partner in Conservation!

We strive to be a leader in education and outreach for Ventura County, our standards-based programs bring the local community closer to nature while offering rigorous scientific learning and research opportunities.

The first step toward protecting our resources is understanding them. Our team works with public and private entities, citizen scientists, students, and volunteers of all ages to study our environment.

Land stewardship is essential to a healthy environment. We help landowners assess and plan low impact projects, manage landscapes, reduce erosion, combat climate change, and save water.

Ventura County Natural Resources Facts

  • Ventura County is the 17th most important agricultural producing county of the 3,175 counties in the United States.
  • There are over 28,000 acres of gullies and badlands in the southern half of Ventura County producing an estimated 880,000 tons of sediment per year.
  • Our cropland can withstand the loss of 2 to 5 tons of topsoil per year without losing it's capacity to sustain crop yields.
  • About one-fourth of our cropland is eroding at rates that, if continued, will reduce yields.
  • Approximately 13.5% of our irrigated acres (22 square miles) are affected by seawater intrusion.
  • Groundwater basins supply approximately 70% of the water used in the county, and are being overdrafted at a rate of about 80,000 acre feet per year.


Our mission is to collaborate with landowners, government agencies, and other willing partners to facilitate the conservation and restoration of Ventura County's natural resources for current and future generations. 

3380 Somis Rd, Somis, CA 93066               


Education & Outreach

Research & Monitoring

Landowner Assistance & Management

  • VCRCD Board Meeting - Wednesday, January 20, at 8:30 AM. Meetings are held remotely due to concerns about COVID-19.

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