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Anyone can use these permits in Cooperation with the RCD.  Since the RCD is responsible for meeting permit requirements and providing regular reports, users have to sign a cooperation agreement.  The minimum cost is $2,500 plus a 5% of project cost fee.  The total fee does not excedd $7,500.  Our program requirements package explains in detail the elements required to use these permits.


Overview of VCRCD Programmatic Permits

The VCRCD Programmatic Permit program was specifically designed to facilitate the removal of Arundo and Tamarisk from the reaches and tributaries of the Santa Clara River watershed. Permits held by VCRCD’s Santa Clara Arundo/Tamarisk Removal Program (SCARP) are used. It is important to note that the SCARP permits only cover work in the portion of the Santa Clara River within Los Angeles County.

As permit holders, VCRCD is responsible for applying for and maintaining the most recent permits from the regulatory agencies with jurisdiction within the watershed. These agencies include, among others, the Army Corp of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Since VCRCD maintains current regulatory permits, entities wishing to initiate Arundo and/or Tamarisk removal do not need to approach each of the agencies involved. Instead, entities wishing to conduct removal efforts pay VCRCD a nominal fee to cover the costs of providing the existing permits and to verify compliance with permit requirements.

Programmatic Permits cover specific practices over a specific area that are issued by various agencies. The purpose of obtaining these permits was to simplify complicated permitting processes and allow potential users the opportunity to come to one entity to obtain all or most of the permits needed. Our Programmatic Permits specifically address removal of invasive plant species.

The VCRCD holds the permits, and maintains them. They cover the Los Angeles Portion of the Santa Clara River (also called the Upper Santa Clara River).

The concern of invasive species as a fire hazard, flooding hazard, and destruction of native and critical habitats, moved the VCRCD to obtain a permit that might make it easier for people to remove invasive species.

VCRCD, through grant funding, performed all necessary document preparations (including CEQA), and applied for each individual agency’s permit to obtain these programmatic permits. Costs for each set of Programmatic Permits was over $1M.

What Are Programmatic Permits?

Where Are The Permits?


How Did VCRCD Get These Permits?

Which Programmatic Permits Does The RCD Hold?

The RCD holds Programmatic Permits for invasive plant species removal in both the Calleguas and Upper Santa Clara Rivers (LA County).  This includes permits for:


  • Army Corps of Engineers 404 Permit,
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Opinion,
  • California Department of Fish & Wildlife's Streambed Alteration Agreement, and the
  • Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 Certification.

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