After the Wildfire


Watch as wildfire rolls through landscapes, observe how nature bounces back through succession until it reaches a mature forest once again. 




What does Wildfire do?

Fire is a natural occurrence in California and serves important ecological functions:


  • Fire disturbance clears dead wood and material off of the forest floor, which otherwise takes much longer to break down.


  • Many species of plants require fire to clear land, germinate, and grow.


  • Ecological succession begins after fire, which, through steps, will allow the forest to reach maturity once again.


  • Burned forests serve as new habitat for many species of plants and animals.

Wildfire is a natural process and, no matter what, it will be coming. Fire wil pose a threat to many Californians in the years to come, but. together, we can reduce that threat through responsible preparation. Firescaping around structures is one of the most cost effective measures to reduce the threat of Wildfire. If you live in a high fire-prone area, be sure to follow these easy steps below:


  1. Create a "go bag" at the ready.


  2. Remove and reduce flammable material around your home through firescaping.


  3. Create fire drills and an action plan.


  4. Store spare food and supplies in a safe, fire resistant area.


  5. DON'T WAIT, listen to the authorities if they advise you to leave early. 


  6. If you find yourself caught in a wildfire, follow this guide from CalFire. 




Preparing for Wildfire

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