VCRCD's Storm Water Quality Program (SWQP)

VCRCD’s Storm Water Quality Program (SWQP) was created in 2011 to assist horse and intensive livestock owners in meeting water quality regulations approaching Ventura County. SWQP suggests ways to improve manure management and storm water runoff in the form of Best Management Practices (BMPs).

SWQP offers complimentary site visits, technical information, recommendation reports, and assistance in implementing BMPs to the county’s horse and livestock owners located in the Ventura River Watershed. This program also focuses on education and outreach in an attempt to increase awareness about local water quality issues and effective manure management solutions. 

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Manure bunkers:  Impermeable structures to temporarily store manure.

Composting:  The process of transforming manure into a beneficial, biologically-active and chemically-neutral product.

Vegetated buffer (filter) strips:  Areas of plush vegetation to catch sediment or pollutants from water runoff before it enters receiving waterbodies.

Roof drainage controls:  Structures, such as gutters, downspouts, and rain barrels/cisterns, that collect rainwater from roofs and divert it away from nutrient-rich areas.

Fencing:  Constructed barriers that separate domestic animals from waterways.

Manure hauling schedules:  The routine removeal and transportation of manure to a disposal site.

Bioswales:  Vegetated basins that provide retention and treatment (filtration) of water runoff.

Horse & Livestock BMPs

What are BMPs?  Best Management Practices (BMPs) are strategies to address problems associated with erosin, drainage, mud, and manure on horse and livestock properties.  BMPs are critical in preventing contaminants from entering the watershed, conserving natural resources, increasing facility safety and efficiency, improving land aesthetics, and encouraging community collaboration. 

VCRCD staff oftentimes recommend the following BMPs to local horse and livestock owners:

Regulatory Assistance

VCRCD's Storm Water Quality Program (SWQP) provides horse and livestock owners in the Ventura River Watershed with complimentary site visits and recommendation reports focused on effectively managing manure.  This program also focuses on education and outreach to increase awareness about local water quality issues and effective manure mangement solutions.  Funding has been provided by the Venura County Watershed Protection District in the past, however, SWQP is currently funded by way of a 319(h) Clean Water Act planning grant administered by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Borad.


VCRCD facilitates community meetings for the Horse and Livestock Watershed Alliance (HLWA) group in the Ojai area to address the new water quality regulations facing the horse and livestock community.  HLWA is a voluntary group that works to maintain the rural lifestyle while learning about and implementing BMPs that will benefit the Ventura River Watershed.  Members help support a critical, proactive effort to work with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to minimize the economic impact of future regulations.



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