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Save Ojai Citrus!

Contact: Andy Spyrka
Resource Conservation Specialist

How VCRCD Is Providing Assistance

Through the “Save Ojai Citrus!” project and funding from the Thelma Hansen Fund, VCRCD is removing citrus trees that have been infected with HLB (Huanglongbing), and replacing them with California native trees. HLB, also refered to as citrus greening disease, occurs when a tiny insect known as ACP,  the Asian Citrus Psyllid, feeds on a citrus tree thus releasing its bacteria into the tree. The result is not harmful to humans, but kills citrus trees and has no cure. The best way to prevent this is by removing trees with ACP. Removal of infected trees will help protect other citrus trees on a property, along with citrus trees within a community. 



Potential Tree Replacements







Valley Oak


Signs of HLB in Citrus

Visible psyllids or waxy psyllid dropping

Lopsided, bitter, hard fruit with small, dark aborted seed

Fruit that remains green even when ripe

Asymmetrical blotchy mottling of leaves

Yellow shoots

Twig dieback

    Stunted, sparsely foliated trees that may bloom off season

The Real Cost of ACP

In the past decade, Huanglongbing (HLB) has been responsible for a 70% decline in the production of oranges for both juice and the fresh fruit market in Florida. As HLB continues to threaten additional states, including California, it is now attributed as the largest economic threat to the $3.35 billion U.S. citrus industry. ACP is an invasive pest that transmits HLB, a bacterial disease fatal to all varieties of citrus. HLB has already spread through much of Southern California, but through the Save Ojai Citrus project we are aiming to limit that spread without the use of chemicals.

The VCRCD has worked with the Thelma Hansen Fund in order to take action that will protect Ojai Citrus without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Through this project suceptible trees to HLB and those already infected will be removed and, if desired, replaced with another tree at no cost to those choosing to participate. Save Ojai Citrus! represents a collaboration between the Ventura County Farm Bureau, UCCE Advisors and Master Gardeners, Ventura County Resource Conservation District (V.C.R.C.D), and Concerned Resource and Environmental Workers (C.R.E.W.) to remove a critical source of potential vector and disease host material from the local area.

Do Your Part To Protect Ojai Citrus!

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