VCRCD's Current Programs

Irrigation Efficiency

We offer free irrigation evaluations and cost share to producers in Ventura County in partnership with the Ventura County Farm Bureau and the USDA-NRCS. This program is part of the RCD’s efforts to assist landowners & producers with water efficiency & water quality issues.

Horse & Livestock BMPs

VCRCD provides complimentary comprehensive walk-throughs of horse or livestock properties within the Ventura River Watershed, resulting in recommendations for the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). We also assist property owners with addressing anticipated LA Regional Water Quality Control Board regulations.

Programmatic Permits

Removal of Arundo Donax (Giant Reed) and Tamarisk in the Santa Clara River Watershed is now easier given that VCRCD holds necessary permits to perform removal work in these watersheds. Anyone can use these permits.

Agricultural Nutrient & Pesticide Management

We also offer technical and financial assistance for the implementation of agricultural management measures (MMs) and irrigation efficiency upgrades to improve nutrient and pesticide management and on-farm irrigation efficiency in the Calleguas Creek Watershed (CCW) in accordance with Calleguas Creek Watershed Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).

Caneberry Hoophouse Stormwater Quality Practices Study

VCRCD evaluated the extent to which management practices commonly used for soil conservation and pollution prevention in open-field crops help macrotunnel growers reduce their environmental impacts. Practices were assessed for pollution reduction, ease of use, and cost benefits.

Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) Expansion Project

In addition to conducting complimentary irrigation evaluations, VCRCD offers supplemental services to assist the county’s agricultural producers in holistically managing their properties.  

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